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10 Degrees +

11- 22 February , 2020


As an artist


Sprout Arts 

74 Moyser Road, Furzedown, SW16 6SQ, London, UK

10 Degrees + was a show had been planned and prepared for months. Although the scale was not big, lots of things needed to be coordinated​ because it was held in a self funding community and public welfare arts space. Salons and activities are held in Sprout Arts every week. We needed to adjust the time with other activities. With the condition of people nearby who have the interest of art all know this place, the private view night was busy.

My main works were installation and preparation for private view.

  • Installed other artists and my works

  • Bought drinks and food

  • Decorated space for private view

  • Invigilated and sold cards

10 artists' works were displayed in this exhibition. As the space is not big, although we had taken different roles before setting the space, we almost do all things together. Sprout Arts sells cards and print-makings made by local artists. For this reason, there are shelves, bags, cashier desk and locally donated foods. The one and only challenge was how to made these objects and shelves were installed not messy without hiding them.

The solution was putting works that had the similar forms to those cards and print-makings together with the shelves. So they didn't looked abrupt.

Preparing drinks and foods needed me to have a clear budget. By estimating the number of viewers to consider the type of drinks such as how many bottles of alcohol and how many kinds of soft drinks. 


As Sprout Arts is an art shop, our works might be sold. Our 10 artists had a conversation about " What price should we give our works?" Some artist thought that too expensive might lead the work cannot be sold then reduce the chances of being known by more people. Others said how much our works were labeled directly represent the our selves-positioning and we should not keep pricing works cheap for sale. This is a realistic topic for us to consider during our whole art lives.


When I was being the invigilator, customer came to buy cards. Communication between artist and public was happening. It forced me to think the small difference of introducing a work for commercial goal and making a pure presentation about concept.

My work Fission was showed in this exhibition
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