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I am a "square" artist recognized by works with frame, right angle, space, structure and high contrast colours. With the experience of being an oil painter for years, I have developed my recent works as Expanded Painting. While addressing the question of the actuality of vision, my research has involved interdisciplinary processes and theories such as perspective, public art, optical illusion and visual communication. Like many artists, all the projects and theoretical researches I have done were based on visual resonates of multi-dimension


While talking about sight function, I tried to hand over the right of completing the works to spectators. Using the grills and structures to limit spectators’ perspectives to lead them to get my ways of seeing, in the meantime allowing them to walk freely and gaining their own definitions of the best view. I believe eyes can facilitate several abstract tableaus in space. When the installation becomes a part of a space, everything that happens in the space becomes a part of the installation. The installation becomes a narrative way as well as a carrier of events.

Expanded painting can magnify the connection between paintings and the space, which intends to display the symbiotic relationship of objects and the environment. Geometric structures can simplify the interference from materials and mediums. Once perspective becomes part of our mind about how we represent things, the frames fragment the world. I kept making frames and using pigment to highlight the frames. With the use of mirrors and humans' eyes' sensitivity of different colours, when people look at my work, they doubt if they could physically or optically access my works. That is why my works themselves always remain a geometric visual impact with colours.


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