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Update until June 2020

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10 Degrees +

Group exhibition

11-22 February, 2020

SPROUTARTS, 74 Moyser Road,SW16 6SQ

"10 Degrees+" was a small exhibition as well as an art salon which was held in SPROUTARTS space. 10 artists displayed their works. My work "Fission" was showed.

I took the role of preparing Private View. My main work was buying drinks and keeping noticing everything was ordered during PV. I had to buy in budget and be organisational.

As SPROUTARTS is a self funding community arts space, local people came frequently. When I was there as an invigilator, I sold cards and explained a lot about other artists to visitors.

Skills: Communication skill
           Organizational skill

           Budget capacity



Group exhibition

6-9 December, 2019

Platform Southwalk, 1 John Street, SE1 8BS, London

"Emergency" was a show held by artist from Wimbledon College of Arts. My work "Suspension" was showed.


I found the problem of adjusting spotlights when I was installing works. I thought "the brighter the better" to a work before. In fact, if a work was spotted too bright, the colours and reflections might be influenced. 

Skills: Installation skill

The Crypt Brochure_edited.jpg


Group exhibition

7-10 November, 2019

The Crypt Gallery, 165 Euston Road, NW1 2BA, London

"Immurement" was a multidisciplinary exhibition of the work of 37 international artists explores the meaning behind the word ‘immurement’ as well as the history of the crypt beneath London’s St Pancras Parish Church. It had got a good social response with a good prepare and arrangement for 6 months. My work "Through" was showed.

As the curator of this exhibition, my works including:Collecting and following artworks' latest states, planing space design, docking with the installation team. With this role I need to communicate a lot with all the artists to make sure I was clear about their concept and requirements of installation. Lots of emergency problems happened. Solving problems in time was also a big challenge.

Skills: Communication skill
           Organizational skill

           Curation skill

           Research skill


The Art of Impossible

Intern project

24 August- 24 November, 2019

IOMA, 798 Art Area, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Beijing, China

During the Summer of 2019, I worked as part of the curation team in Beijing IOMA (IMS of Modern Artland).  The Art of Impossible, a theme show of Monument Valley Game, was the second project I worked with.

My works almost covered every step of curation before the opening ceremony of this show.  Including: 

  • Participated in gallery design

  • Communicated with the construction team ( checked the quotation and followed structures construction)

  • Conducted research and summarised knowledge about optical illusion art history in various disciplines

  • Installed art works

  • Trained  interpreters and tour guides 

Skills: Communication skill
           Curation skill

           Design skill

           Research skill

           Written skill

           Translation skill



Intern project

8 May- 28 July, 2019

IOMA,798 Art Area, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Beijing, China

During the Summer of 2019, I worked as part of the curation team in Beijing IOMA (IMS of Modern Artland).  EXTRA, a solo show of Lawrence Malstaf, was the first project I worked with.

My works mainly focused on doing recearch, writing interpretations, proof reading, translating and public activities designing.

Skills: Communication skill
           Planning skill

           Translation skill

           Research skill

           Written skill

           Hosting skill


Laid back

Group exhibition

13- 14 March, 2019 

The Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG, London

Laid-back, a show curated by artists from UAL, brought together works by 22 current MA and MFA students. This exhibition explored how the unpressurised and easygoing state of life can be presented through contemporary arts. 

My work "This is the Only Song I can Remember"  was a combination of an abandoned piano and a Guqin notation. It was my first time to create a work with an existing object (the piano) in the exhibition space. 

Skills: Installation skill



Group exhibition

22- 24 February, 2019 

Ugly duck, 49 Tanner St, SE1 3PL, London

Skills: Installation skill

          Communication skill

"Postopia" was the first public show I attended in London, in which I knew some "rules" of  attending an exhibition. It was an incredible experience and good start to me. My work Born on 08/11/2018 was showed. I installed my own work in a perfectly suitable position arranged by the curator. 

At the private view night, I communicated with audiences and got feedbacks. This first experience means a lot to me as I am an international student.

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