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This is the only song I can remember_edi

This is
the only song i can remember March 2019

A Flow of Guqin with the sound of Chinese ancient music Meihua Sannong(梅花三弄)

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Sound installation 


Calligraphy slide, 50cm*9m

From my perspective, the old piano on-site gave me a strong sense of "western". At the moment I saw it for the first time, I decided to make something based on it.

I had learned Guqin in China for two years when I was a child. Guqin's notation is unique and extremely hard to remember, which not only shows the notes and rhythm but also represents the specific fingering and string. After many years, all I can remember is the notes of Meihua Sannong, a popular song that every learner learns. I almost forget how to read the notation. 

To me, the notation has become a representative of time losing and a sense of estrangement. When a "west-born" instrument sounded an ancient Chinese song, a kind of conflict as well as harmony coexisted. Also, the hybridization of cultures in my body was shown.

The is a sound installation I made in an exhibition called Laid-back. The work was made based on an existing object (the piano) in the exhibition space. 

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