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Emergency Art

6-9 December, 2019


As an artist


Platform Southwark

1 Joan St, South Bank, SE1 8BS, London, UK


Emergency  was a show organised by Galina Hirstova. 15 Artists from MFA Wimbledon displayed their work. Platform is a contemporary art gallery, theatre, and studio space run by artist. 

I did part of installation in this exhibition. 


There were serval videos and digital works in this show. How to set such a lot of  moving images in a not big space was a challenge. With good arrangement by the curator, Galina, all works were placed and echoed well. With repeatedly tests, all "moving" works as well as their sounds were stayed harmoniously.  


The installation was not complicated. What I learned was the way of adjusting  spot lights. I found that most spot lights are concentrated and bright. Using the nearest light to spot on one artwork, especially painting, will be too strong. Which might make part of the work too bright and the else are too dark. The reflection of pigment probably looked unusual. The best solution is lighting up a work with lights 1-4 meters (up to how bright the lights are) away, which might be the nearest lights for other works. 


My work Suspension was showed

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