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May 2019


This photography work was completed in May 2019, one month after my grandmother died. I finished it with sorrow.

My grandma and  were very close. Even though I have come to London, I still flew back to visit her two times before my grandmother died. However, when hearing the news, I was not in China. All I could do was flying back again as soon as possible, but everything was too late.

This made me sigh the helplessness of living in parallel time and the lost sense of being an absentee.


My grandma had suffered from Alzheimer's Disease for 6 years. In the last three years of her life, she almost couldn’t speak and recognize anyone. Even so, whenever I was by her side, she still held my hand and tried to get a sense of security from "a familiar people". I hugged her, talked to her and tirelessly made fun with her in various ways, trying to stimulate her emotion. 

Alzheimer's patients have their world. In those few years, anything that happened in my lifeline could no longer enter my grandma's lifeline. The relationship of our lifelines was like the relationship between my grandmother's life in China and my life in the UK. It does make me felt absent in her world.

Grandma's image did not appear in any of the photos. Instead, objects and gestures were used to imperturbably tell a story. 

Emotion was restrained to achieve a more implicit expression. Because this narrative was not only sad, but also tender.

Replaced pictures:

Touching grandmother's scarves


Using body languages and objects, in this work I continued the style of a photographic work I made in 2013. It's name is My tongue is kidnapped.

In another work What is my grandfather's name? , I used hundreds of old pictures to talk about my grandmother's ill, in which a lot connections with this work can be found.

Replaced pictures

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