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13th-14th March, 2019


As an artist



Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, SE16 4DG, London

Laid-back, a show curated by artists from UAL, brought together works by 22 current MA and MFA students. This exhibition explored how the unpressurised and easygoing state of life can be presented through contemporary arts. 

My work This is the Only Song I can Remember  was a combination of an abandoned piano and a Guqin notation. It was my first time to create a work with an existing object (the piano) in the exhibition space. 


Challenges on installation

Due to the limitation of the space, the whole team and I came across a lot challenges when hanging my work. As the way we installed was probably changing its original meaning, we changed several forms and compositions of installing the work.

Which also give me kind of chance to reorganize a work in a short time.


 This Is the Only Song I Can Remember  is a sound installation.



2019-03-13 235032.jpg
2019-03-13 220118.jpg

At the beginning of the Private View, most of the artists and I made a performance in silence to express our understanding of "laid-back", which was a very interesting form as a starting point.

It was my first time to make a performance.

The Private View
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