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October  2019

「 透 」

Through was a work I made specifically for the Immurement show in Crypt Gallery.

"Immurement" is a form of imprisonment. As a motif in legends and folklore, many tales of immurement exist.

Cooperated with the history of the Crypt Gallery and the meaning of "Immurement" , I came up with an idea of making "windows" in the space.

When these virtual windows were attached to a real space, do they separate the space or connect the space? Since people started to walk around these frames, a conversation among history, space and people themselves has started.

Window is given the meaning of the hope of living, the kindness of human nature, the probability of imagination and so on. 

I tried to use a geometric form to simplify these windows' appearance. So that my audience and have more space for their interpretations. 

The Hospital Window

Read the fiction
Watch the film

I appreciate Robert Ryman and Sol LeWitt a lot.

Both of them played a critical role in Conceptual art and Minimalism. My work is a kind of  tribute to them.

The angle of hanging and the interworking between frames and spot lights were significant.  The shadows highlighted the geometric meaning, which acted on the work's visual effect directly.

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