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Skills and Methods
The First Artistic Creativity Forum of International Alliance of Academic Painting Education
China Acamemy of Art
Skills and Methods

International Alliance of Academic Painting Education

IAAPE is an international painting education exchange platform that has been planned since 2019 by the School of Painting and Art of China Academy of Art and was officially established in 2021. 

School of Painting of China Academy of Art hopes the establishment of IAAPE can invite art schools from different countries to jointly build a stable and long-term platform for teaching cooperation, and build more cooperative projects. In order to distinguish from the traditional one-to-one short-term communication mode, IAAPE hopes to build a many-to-many comprehensive cooperation mechanism and form a painting community by using multi-point interconnection. Striving to hold regular activities every year in the future to promote resource sharing among international art colleges, IAAPE wishes to carry out exchanges in various forms, such as international courses, forums, overseas exhibitions, and residencies.

Compared with the workshop teaching mode, the comprehensiveness of IAAPE activities includes more curriculum-based content: what we share is not only the creativity results of artists but also the discussion on the differences between the painting education mode and the curriculum of various art colleges. In this way, we can present the creation environment and cultural backgrounds of artists from all over the world.


As the initiator of the Alliance, the School of Painting of China Academy of Art firmly believes that this cooperation will be of great significance to the promotion of international painting teaching exchanges. In the initial phase of the IAAPE, we hope to invite art colleges from China, Italy, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, America, and other countries that are unique and representative in the teaching of painting as members of the Alliance to jointly carry out a series of activities. In addition, we look forward to recruiting more members in the future to find more possibilities for contemporary painting in academic environment.


Due to covid-19, IAAPE's 2021 annual events can only be held online. The activities were divided into online forums and the "Multi-Narrative: Painting in Coexist" exhibition, which was launched as the first exhibition of the online Art Museum of the School of Painting, China Academy of Art.


"Skills and Methods - The First Artistic Creativity Forum of International Alliance of Academic Painting Education" is an online forum held in November 2021 around the theme of IAAPE 2021 "Multi-Narrative".

In the development process of painting, narrative used to be an important function of painting. In the process of western modernism, painting returned to its originality, and the traditional narrative method has changed. From the perspective of the development of modern and contemporary painting, the landscape of life has become the individual artist. The object of perception and expression, the visible world constantly penetrates into our hearts in the fusion of subject and object, and the narrative technique of painting still carries the artist's attitude and concept towards the world. Therefore, whether in traditional narrative methods or in expressing artists' attitudes and concepts, painting as a narrative method still profoundly affects our creation and teaching. This is the basis for the establishment of "IAAPE - International Alliance of Academic Painting Education", and it is also the origin of the theme "Multi-Narrative" of this creative teaching exhibition. The forum is titled "Skills and Methods", which originates from the core research proposition of "Skills and Methods - Thinking and Reconstruction of Painting Methodology in the Great Painting Era" of the School of Painting Art. It is not only based on the characteristics of painting education but also shows the Chinese artistic spirit of Tao (skill) and technology. In the forum, teachers and students from different art colleges and universities around the world carried out exchanges in painting creation and teaching, so that college education with different cultural backgrounds can express their views and understandings on the problems and strategies of painting in the image age and AI intelligent age. 

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Guest List
Guest List
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"Multi-Narrative"  - scope of discussion:

1. The interpretation of narrative method:

Telling stories in the age of popular culture;

Narrative selectivity;

Painting and integrated media presentation;

The contemporary expression of narrative painting;

Personal stories and grand narrations;

Imitate reality and evolution;


2. Problem consciousness of Narrative painting in the present:

What’s the difference or common ground between the traditional narrative and the current narrative?

What has been ignored?

What has been abandoned in the evolution of art history?

What is being hidden or brushed aside?

What has been emphasized?

What is constantly suppressed?

What's going to come back?


3. Research on the teaching of painting creativity in academy:

What is the teaching method of narrative painting in various colleges?

What do students think of the narrative painting?

How to translate information and divergent thinking?

What theoretical content does narrative painting involve?


Guest List
Guest List
scope of discussion
scope of discussion
scope of discussion
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