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Water Knows the Answers
Water Knows the Answers



Venue: Hangzhou 6-art Gallery

Private view: 13:00 26/09/2021

Opening ceremony: 15:00 26/09/2021

Workshop: Meeting Memories by Objects - 19:00 07/05/2021

Seminar: The Poem of Postmodern Narrative - 17:00 26/09/2021

Curator: Chuanzi Kate Huang

Artists: Liu Yuxuan

            Liang Junru

            Zhang Jinhao

Academic host: He Hongzhou

Exhibition counselor: Lai Yuan

Producer: Huang Chenzeng (Chuanxi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Visual designer: Pang Zhen

Water Knows the Answers was an exhibition shown in Hangzhou 6-art Gallery. Artists Liu Yuxuan, Liang Junru , Zhang Jinhao and curator Chuanzi Kate Huang displayed 79 artists' and curatorial works in the show. Including 4 videos, 3 photography works, 36 sketches and 36 oil paintings. 


The three artists were all born in Dalian and now live in Hangzhou. Water Knows the Answers  originated from the topography of Dalian, also referring to the relationship between the artist and Dalian. In the cross-regional living experience, they have revisited their hometown in both heavy and lithe ways. In early December 2020, at the invitation of three artists, the curator participated in their work experiences as storytellers. The curation of this triplex show began.


Water is the connector of lands and islands. Water can always fixes in all shapes. While people leave one place and get into a new place, they often way by water and always try to adapt like water. The exhibition aims to explore the artists' abstract boundary setting and viewing of their hometown. Most of the works are adapted during the curatorial process. The curation process of the exhibition is also the subjective and creative exploration process of the artists.  What we can see in the exhibition are new perspectives of their reviews towards Dalian and their narratives of personal experience in documentary videos, paintings and texts.


Curatorial Notes

The Chinese name of the exhibition is "Cheng Yu", which means city and islet respectively in Chinese. The city, originally intended to surround the defensive wall of the city, generally refers to the area enclosed by the city wall. Islet refers to the flat-bottomed hills or small islands attached to the mainland or around the island. When the tide is high, it is separated from the mainland or the island, and when the tide is low, it is connected to the mainland or the island, just like the upper and lower teeth. side, sometimes back in the arms. The three artists are young people born in Dalian, China and living in Hangzhou. Dalian is located at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula. As a city surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is both a city and an island. The exhibition is named "Cheng Yu", "Cheng" is used to describe the hometown, and "Yu" is used to describe wandering...

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Opening Ceremony

Exhibition site

Exhibition site
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Exhibition site

Workshop-Meeting Memories by Objects


In the workshop, the curator asked the three artists to draw 6 objects related to their own growth or Dalian in the simplest way on only 6 sheets of paper. The artists were asked not to communicate with each other and to tell the curators the stories behind the objects when they were finished. 


Through this method, the deepest and delicate memory of the artist can be mined as quickly as possible, and the story can be awakened, so that the curator, the artist himself, and the viewer can all establish a stereoscopic and time-line recognition of the source of the artists' creation. 

video fragment 07'00"

-whole duration 44'56"-

The whole process was recorded by a camera and edited into a video to be shown in the exhibition. The sketches in the workshop were displayed in the exhibition, and the stories were photocopied into novels for the audience to freely read. At the same time, an interactive area was set up on the exhibition site, inviting the audience to draw personal stories.


Matched matters

Post-cards, gift bags, exhibition albums, pamphlets, paper folder, collection certificate


designer: Pang Zhen  copyright @ Pang Zhen and Chuanzi Kate Huang

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